Shangela And Alyssa Edwards Entertain The Troops In The Middle East

The pair performed at a military base in Amman, Jordan.

RuPaul's Drag Race stars Alyssa Edwards and Shangela have performed together all over the world, but this week, they slayed in their most surprising venue yet: a U.S. military base in Amman, Jordan.

The Texas sisters landed in the capital city earlier this week to entertain troops stationed at the base.

"Just arrived in Amman, Jordan for a very special private performance tomorrow," wrote Shangela on Instagram. "So very thankful to take drag around the world, even into regions where it may not be fully accepted. Representing love and peace and all things Fabulous!"

While it's not uncommon for American performers to visit soldiers in Amman, even Shangie and Alyssa were surprised to find that they had such die-hard fans in the Armed Forces.

"Halleloo pool view in Amman!!! Taking a moment today to relax before private show tonight," wrote Shangela. "Sending love to all our fans here. We had no idea we have so many Drag Race lovers in Amman!?!"

"Sending u lots and lots of LOVE. Due to our tight schedule (and of course in respect to the observance of Ramadan) we won't be able to do a public meet-up, however please know that we LOVE you and hope to come back again. Stay Fabulous!!"

In April 2016, Netflix made RuPaul's Drag Race available in 224 of the 245 countries the service exists, including Jordan, which might explain some of its popularity there.

While the country is one of the most progressive in the Middle East, its LGBT community is still fighting for full equality under the law, including the rights to marry, adopt and serve in the military.

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