Colton Haynes Should Never, Ever Leave The Gym: Instagram


Have you noticed? Colton Haynes has been at the gym an awful lot lately and he's really focusing on his arms and legs. We know this because he's one of those guys who documents every gym session with a perfectly posed Instagram photo — God bless you all.

According to his most recent gym selfie's caption, posted this afternoon, the 26-year-old Arrow star plans on being at the gym a lot more often. "I just want to hit my growth spurt already & look like @therock ...Is that too much to ask?" he writes. "Figuring out this whole gym selfie thing is really friggin hard. Flexing sucks & my teeth hurt now. Happy Sunday to yall!"

If frequenting the gym means more selfies like this, we approve!

Finally gettin my Forrest Gump legs back! Marathon training #ForrestGumpLegs @nike

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Gym ✔️ Long ass freezing cold run ✔️ I'm hungry ✔️ I'm tired ✔️ Find the check emoji ✔️

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Finally gettin back into the swing of things thx to @tommyeurope . Time to turn things up a notch #ScrawnyColtonBegone #LetsEat

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