10 Hollywood Hunks Who Are Over 50 And Sexy AF

Hi, daddy!

While Hollywood may be a town filled with fillers, botox and the overall constant fear of aging, we have to give props to many of the fellas who are aging quite well. Just because these actors may be over 50, they sure haven’t lost their handsome. In fact, we have to admit age has done many of them quite well.

Aging is an inevitable part of life, so why not highlight some Hollywood hotties that we still love to drool stare out.

Check out our wonderful list below.

John Stamos, 54

Tall, dark and oh so handsome and he played uncle to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in the '90s! Does it get any better than that, folks? Stamos is the perfect example of an actor who is getting better looking with every birthday.

Rob Lowe, 53

A total dreamboat! Imagine waking up next to this slice of deliciousness every morning. #Goals

Dylan McDermott, 55


We have had a crush on him since Steel Magnolias, but after American Horror Story he proved he only gets better with age.

Keanu Reeves, 53

With facial hair like that how can one not instantly swoon over the beautiful actor. Dibs!

Lenny Kravitz, 53

From the hair to that six pack, Lenny sure knows how to melt hearts around the world.

Tom Ford, 56

While he may be one of the biggest designers out there, we have to say we wouldn't mind seeing him with a little less on.

Chris Rock, 52

We can never get enough of the handsome Chris Rock. Luckily, his recent (albeit brief) appearance on Empire is just the beginning of seeing more of Rock on television; it was just announced that he'll be hosting next year's Oscars.

Jeremy Piven, 52

Dear Jeremy, we'd love if you keep posting more shirtless photos like this on Instagram.  We don't mind one bit. K, thx!

Gavin Rossdale, 51

Just look at that smize. Our girl Tyra would be so proud!

Bill Bellamy, 52

Yes, please! Not only is Bill oh so sexy, but he makes us laugh. Therefore, the quickest way to our hearts.

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