The New York Times Declares: Chest Hair Is IN!

Once again, the Times is hot on the trail of a budding new "trend."

The New York Times Style section's history of noticing trends years after they've caught on continues this week, with a brand new piece that claims guys are finally ditching their razors and wax kits in favor of their chest hair.

"For a new generation, the overly groomed body appears to be falling out of favor," Max Berlinger writes. His research led him to two Los Angeles men embracing this supposed new trend.

"I don’t know if it was my age or becoming comfortable with myself," said Eric Shoemaker, the 34-year-old PR executive whose furry chest provides a visual backdrop for the piece.

"But the thought of getting waxed — which makes your hair follicles bleed and you get ingrown hairs — you have to ask who you’re doing it for."

"We’re seeing a return to ’70s fashion," added Tim Bess, an analyst at the trend forecasting agency the Doneger Group. "The late ’60s and early ’70s were about freedom, the hippie movement, having lots of hair."

Berlinger writes:

An unkempt body is a perhaps unforeseen corollary of the lumberjack look that has long since peaked in certain Brooklyn circles. Even the brand 2(x)ist, known for its sleekly textured models, has opted to show its underwear on the hairy frame of Nyle DiMarco, a recent winner of “America’s Next Top Model.”

"We've seen everything from man-buns to full beards go mainstream in recent seasons, and we want to reflect that rugged, a tad unpolished, yet approachable look," said 2(x)ist brand manager Tom Speight.

With a brand new trend this hot, there's no telling how long it'll take other brands to follow suit!

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