Straight Guys Love Talking To Matt Bomer About "Magic Mike"

"I saw it with my girlfriend!"

Straight dudes believe in Magic.

Promoting his new movie, Walking Out, earlier this week on Conan, Matt Bomer revealed that his very hard work in Magic Mike still gets him positive feedback in public from heterosexual male fans.

"Quite a few," the 39-year-old actor told host Conan O'Brien. "But it’s a very covert ops kind of situation."

Bomer, who is married to Hollywood publicist Simon Halls, said that these straight men didn’t really start to approach him until after the 2012 male stripper flick became available on DVD and streaming services.

"They would come up to me very surreptitiously, and be like, 'Hey, man, I saw Magic Mike. It’s a pretty good movie. I saw it with my girlfriend! I was with my girlfriend!'" Sure, whatever you say, bro.

Bomer, who reprised his role as Ken in Magic Mike XXL, also discussed why his sexy striptease as a living Ken doll was cut from the first film and became a DVD extra.

"That would mean you have no genitalia," said O'Brien, referring to the erotic dance's flawed premise.

"Maybe that’s why it got cut," Bomer joked.

Bomer, who has appeared in American Horror Story, earned an Emmy nomination and Golden Globe Award for his gay role in HBO’s The Normal Heart. Trans groups have criticized his upcoming film Anything, in which the cis actor plays a trans sex worker.

Amazon’s The Last Tycoon, in which Bomer stars as a handsome 1930s film executive, was recently canceled after one season.

Watch the Conan clip below.