"Captain America" Star Sebastian Stan Reveals Who He Thinks Is Sexier—Robert Downey Jr. Or Chris Evans

"He's doing alright for himself."

Though stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are forced to choose sides between their co-stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. for political reasons in Captain America: Civil War, in a recent interview, they showed their particular allegiances based on a totally different factor: sexiness.

In an interview with Metro, Stan (who plays Bucky) and Mackie (Falcon/Sam Wilson) were asked a series of rapid-fire questions comparing Evans and RDJ, including who they think is funnier, who they think gives the best advice and who they think is sexier.

When asked, Mackie quickly said himself while Stan went straight for Evans.

"Chris!" he responded. "Out of RDJ and Chris, I think Chris is doing alright for himself."

For his part, Mackie reconsidered before saying, "I'd say RDJ, cuz he's rich as f*ck!"

"I'm not saying I'm a gold digger," he continued, "but he rich."

Check out the interview below!

h/t: Gay Star News