Italian Gay Activist Murdered Because Of His Relationship With Trans Woman

The jealous killer was caught on camera.

A man has confessed to the murder of Vincenzo Ruggiero, a well-known Italian gay activist, during what appears to be a violent dispute fueled by jealousy, Il Mattino reports.

Ruggiero, 25, was reported missing several weeks ago in Giugliano, a city in Naples. Ciro Guarente, a 35-year-old navy officer, confessed to the crime following the discovery of surveillance camera footage that showed him disposing of Ruggiero's body.


"Yes, I killed him because he had a friendship with my partner," Guarente said. Guarente also confessed to dumping the body into the sea.

Guarente's partner is trans woman Heven Grimaldi, Ruggiero’s roommate, who posted distraught videos on Facebook shortly after her friend's disappearance. The Italian press is referring to the case as a "love triangle" gone wrong.

"I miss hearing you sing around the house, I miss our daily chats," Grimaldi said in one video. "Every place and every circumstance brings me back to you. I look for you in the faces of all the people I meet on the street. Your unexplained abandonment diminishes my soul. My only goal is to find you and to be happy."

Guarente was arrested on charges of murder and concealment of a corpse. A search is currently underway to locate Ruggiero's body.

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