14 Queer TikTokers to Follow for the Best Thirst Traps This Valentine's Day

Add a little ~spice~ to your For You Page.

This is the first Valentine’s Day in the age of COVID-19, and many of us are sitting at home instead of dating in-person to stay safe this year. Thankfully, there’s plenty of flirty content over on TikTok to keep us a little less lonely.

The art of the thirst trap has been perfected over the last year as TikTok became the most downloaded app of 2020. Millions of bored, quarantined people flocked to the app filled with videos about everything from comedy to politics to fashion. During this romantic time of year the isolation is hitting a little harder, which is why we’ve rounded up the 14 thirstiest queer TikTok accounts for your locked-down Valentine’s Day.

Not every one of these accounts is full of only thirst traps, but all of these LGBTQ+ TikTokers do show off their self-expression and self-confidence and have at least a few videos where they dance and wink to make you swoon.


Shelby Parks knows exactly what to do with pottery to make everyone simp for her. The videos where she plunges two fingers into wet clay regularly rack up likes in the millions. And yes, Shelby does ~listen to girl in red~.


TikTok’s predecessor Vine had its own stars, and one was Rickey Thompson. Even though Vine is extinct, nowadays Thompson has millions of followers across Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. He might be better known for his comedy, but he posts plenty of seductive videos, too.


Kat Wilderness posts the dancing-alone-in-your-room classic thirst traps but also uploads clips of her dancing on stage as a drag queen with a crowd. Needless to say her outfits are worth thirsting over, too.


Hannah has built an empire off of making bread — not selling it or teaching people how to make it, but just letting people watch as she kneads the dough in a way only she can. Her TikToks are full of comments by women who thought they were straight and then watched Hannah make eye contact with the camera while stroking, caressing, and smacking balls of dough.


Melissa Dilkes Pateras was inspired by Hannah Breadtok to start a Laundrytok series of videos where she makes the same seductive eye contact while folding laundry, but in recent weeks she’s upgraded to a Caulktok series that is somehow even more amazing. A natural comedian who also knows just how to make the ladies go wild, this Canadian mom with over half a million followers definitely needs to be on your For You Page more often.


Alton Mason doesn’t post on TikTok as often as he does on Instagram, but when he does, he is showing off his self-confidence and style. Mason, who was the first Black male model to walk for Chanel, has been racking up industry accolades.


Hezekiah Lyon Karter is publicly documenting his transition while sharing plenty of dancing thirst traps along the way. In his own words, he’s “enjoying every bit of me becoming the man I’m [supposed] to be.”


As Jazzmyne Robbins told NewNowNext last year, “I don’t believe we are doing anything wrong when we post celebrations of ourselves. I think we are actually doing something very right. And while I will always stress safety and comfort first… I will also always, always, always support everyone’s right to post thirst traps on the internet. It’s 2020, and joy is scarce — if we can’t post hot photos of our butts online and celebrate each other, what the fuck are we here for?”


Silas Zelny is here for all things genderless, from pronouns explainers to “tips and tricks for dealing with the weird and uncool parent in your life.” They post fewer thirst traps than other accounts on this list, but when they do, you’ll be struck by Cupid’s arrow.


Frank Tiu’s most popular TikToks involve him cooking wearing only an apron, and he’s often shirtless in his other videos. If you like six-packs with (as he calls it) a boyfriend aesthetic, follow this account.


“Trans guys can be sexy too!” Alex Guerra is building a community around positivity, confidence, and love. His TikTok account is full of videos proclaiming trans sexiness and self-acceptance.


Jinx oozes confidence when they post looks playing with different gender expressions. Between lots of singing-with-eye-contact TikToks, Jinx also posts educational content about being a nonbinary lesbian and defending trans rights.


Welcome to StudTok, where your host is Jah and shirt-wearing is discouraged. While this account is mostly Jah’s dancing, there are also moments of “Deep Talks with Jah.”


Ilia Leya posts about being a proud bi trans woman and shutting down the haters. She’s taken advantage of trending sounds and cute outfits to earn over 700,000 followers.

So, while there might not be the same date nights or singles’ parties as past Valentine’s Days, at least TikTok is brimming with queer thirst traps that make you feel like someone is hitting on you. Tap the plus button on these LGBTQ+ TikTok teases for a spicier For You Page.

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