Chad Michaels Talks 'Drag Race', Sharon Needles & Latrice

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RuPaul's Drag Race fans have fallen in love with Chad Michaels over the course of the fourth season. A den mother to the other contestants and a drag legend in her own right, fans may be saddened to learn that in person Chad is, well just as awesome. Seriously, Chad Michaels may be one of the most polite people we have ever had the privilege to interview. A pro-fes-sion-al if you will.

Having just watched as Chad and the other ladies waited to hear if they had won the title of America's Next Drag Superstar, and then seeing them be told they would have to wait months for Ru's decision, we figured Chad may be a bit miffed by this last second shocker. Not the case however.

"I have complete mixed emotions about the finale," Chad told NewNowNext. "I have never been thinking about the money or winning. It was much more than 'winning' with me and Sharon [Needles]. I am just glad everyone got a fair shot and got to sing. Everyone had a chance."

As for the final three, Chad makes no qualms about who he wished had made it to the end. "It should have been me and Sharon and Latrice [Royale]."

Latrice, Sharon and Chad were incredibly close the entire season as every viewer could see, but Chad shared a very special bond with the former. ""Something about Latrice reminds me of my drag mother Hunter who passed away," Chad explains.

Chad was without question the most poised and consistent contestant all season, always runway ready and never looking less than perfect. That being said, it is Cher that she was known for prior to her time on the show, and now Cher she will be known for by millions of new fans. Not that Cher was a celebrity Chad made a point of imitating in her career.

"It was a complete accident, but if you are going to do someone who is better than Cher?," Chad asks. "Now it is what I am most known for."

This of course begs the question if the two have ever met.

"I did meet her once. I did an opening number for her at a benefit at David Foster's house in Malibu. We chatted for a little bit and it was very, very cool. It seemed like a dream and it was a very private party and a private moment. I have a picture of us I keep to remember the night." Chad has since gone to seen Cher in concert numerous times in Las Vegas, and while the rest of us are lucky to just get to sing-along with the diva, Chad has gotten to enjoy some back and forth with the singer throughout her set. Lucky bitch.

Chad is now deciding what to do with reality fame. "RuPaul told me I need to do something with my celebrity, but I am not sure what yet. I would love to host a talk show maybe, or do something open ended."

And should Chad not get to take home the crown this season she is quick to say she is hoping for a Sharon Needles victory, and don't think she will not be back again. When asked about the upcoming All Stars: RuPaul's Drag Race, Chad said; "I would consider doing another season. All aspects of this were a joy for me."

Let's make this happen folks.

Check back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Ms. Needles and be sure to follow Chad on Twitter, Facebook or her fancy site.