RuPaul and Bowen Yang Have an Epic "Dynasty" Catfight in Cut "SNL" Sketch

The shade, the slaps, and the drinks were thrown when Big Dom and Big Al faced off, 1980s soap–style.

RuPaul delivered plenty of wig-snatching moments during his guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but, sadly, not all of them made the cut. However, we're still scratching our heads over why his homage to the "first black bitch on television," Diahann Carroll's Dominique Deveraux—in which he engages in a beautiful Dynasty-inspired catfight—was shelved.

In the sketch Ru plays "Big Dom," a.k.a. Dominique, the head of a super-butch coal mine who comes rolling in like a true alpha male—sidesaddle—while his helpless and helplessly straight employees (Beck Bennett, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, and Chris Redd) look on in terror.

Bowen Yang plays Dom's archnemesis Al, a.k.a. Alexis O'Grady Chang, and when he strides in like Joan Collins on a bender, that mine goes pitch-black from all the coal-based shade being thrown.

And the slaps being thrown.

And the drinks being thrown.

Props to Yang for throwing a drink in RuPaul's face and living to tell the tale, as people have died for less.

For all the kids out there, this skit it a recreation of the legendary first meeting between HBICs Dominique Deveraux and Alexis Carrington in the Season 4 episode of Dynasty "New Lady in Town"—if you want to talk about reading, this is basically the Library of Congress.

Ru and Yang knock it out of the park with the number of sly references to that infamous diva-off: the "burnt" light, the white cape, the "Ciao… for now." In terms of gay SNL perfection, this is right up there with "Sara Lee," "The Actress" and, of course, the Drag Race mechanic sketch starring Chris Pine, which mined similar butch-queen terrain.

The only thing that would've made this better would be if Dom and Al had wrestled themselves down a mine shaft. Still, to quote Alexis O'Grady Chang, "Whatever this was, I enjoyed myself thoroughly."

Check out "Coal Miner's Face-Off" below:

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