Logan Hardcore Spills More Tea About Those Fire Island Pandemic Parties

"By the end of the week, this whole thing is going to crumble."

New York City drag queen Logan Hardcore has been a staple on Fire Island for years.

Known for her legendary Sunday pool shows at the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove, Logan would pull stunts like mercilessly dragging drunk audience members and ending her numbers with a literal dive into the pool, proving she's one of the few drag queens who still look fierce soaking wet.

But now, Logan has dived into another pool—a pool of drama, that is.

Multiple photos and videos posted to social media from this past weekend showed dozens of mask-less gay men at the massive beach and house parties in the Pines neighborhood of Fire Island, the popular LGBTQ vacation destination off the coast of Long Island.

As NewNowNext previously reported, tensions over the gatherings grew when Corey Hannon, a former flight attendant and Equinox trainer living in New York City, reportedly hit the beach while he had symptoms of COVID-19. On his Instagram Story, Hannon joked that he wanted to kiki, but his body said “nope, not yet...thought the COVID was gone 😭😭😭”

The parties made local and national news and were even called out by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Logan played a large part in that. Logan was not out on Fire Island for the holiday weekend, but since she is associated with the hamlet, people were sending her photos from the parties. And if you know Logan, then you know she is not afraid to name names.

"So this guy went to the beach with COVID and symptoms this week. I am so sick of this," Logan posted on her Instagram, in response to Hannon's photos from the beach party. "I’m calling you all out and I’m not stopping. Names won’t be hidden."

The queen dished with NewNowNext about why she thought it was important to speak out, what other tea she is sitting on, and her solution to having a safe summer out on Fire Island.

Hi Logan!

How are you?

I'm good. So you've had a crazy few days.

That's putting it gently.

How's it feel to be called the "Rona Farrow" of this whole Pines partying weekend?

Listen, I will say the one thing that I'm very adamant about is not making it about only the Pines because, yes, the events were in the Pines, but I know for a fact there were Cherry Grove people there. So, I think the worst part about it is the businesses that have tried to open up safely and are losing money by opening safely for people, and then people are having these parties and just ruining it.

Can you take me back? When did you first see the photos? When did this all start?

Saturday morning, people started texting me like, "Oh God, did you see this?" Because I was originally the first one that started really posting about DJ Alec Brian and the Hell's Kitchen party early on in quarantine. So I was like, "Oh God, no, I didn't see it." So then I saw it and I posted it and I was like, "You girls just never learn." And then it immediately just picked up traction. And then, I think it was Saturday night, I tweeted about Corey at 9pm that night and I had posted something on Facebook, I put it on Instagram and that all went crazy. And then I tweeted it and to date, I think it has 7.5 million views, 4 million interactions. I mean, that spread crazy, and he was so quick to take it down that people don't think someone's screen recording this right now, because I know you're going to take it down. So, that started it and then really it was Sunday. My phone didn't stop yesterday and it's all-new shit that people didn't know about. I'm sitting on four or five parties and I won't say anything until I have complete concrete proof, photos, videos, a lot of sources, but people think it's just me, there's a large group of people that are doing things, I'm just the vocal one. And I'm the tip of this iceberg that's going to come out soon because there's going to be legal problems for people. It's just not good.

Did you have any hesitation about naming names?

No, because I think it's time because people pussy-foot around so much. I get it; some people don't want to be involved. I don't care. At a certain point, Jake Resnicow, you can deny it all you want, but we have legitimate proof that you hosted more than one event. It's trying to figure out if he charged for these events because if you charge for this event and then gave away free liquor, or even tried to sell liquor, you're now violating the New York State liquor law. It just goes so deep and people don't realize that it doesn't just stop with you at a party. People are renting homes. I feel bad. Corey's going to have a very hard time in life going forward. His name is going to pop up on databases. I know for a fact he can't work for any airline again, he can't work on any cruise ship again, but you have to think about these things before... It's a global pandemic now.

Has anyone reached out to you privately threatening you or telling you to stop?

Well, the minute I named Jake early on Saturday, lots of people immediately started texting, "I'm with Jake. It wasn't Jake. You're going to damage his reputation." And immediately I took it down cause I was like, "Maybe I'm wrong." But then hundreds of people—texts, photos, videos—eyewitnesses said, "I was there. I apologize for my behavior. He was there, this was his party, this was the DJ. We were given wristbands." I mean, it's not like you just happen to set this party up. You ship shit over on the freight boat, sound and audio system. This was a planned event.

That's what I heard—that things shipped things over on the freight and potentially police bribery. Have you been hearing all these things too?

Well, I've heard the police bribery from one person, and I said, "You have to give me some sort of proof." I haven't mentioned any of it; for all I know that's hearsay. I know, I have addresses, there's a list. There's literally a Google Document that has every photo I have, every video I have, every address I have. And I'm not doing this to ruin anyone's life. I'm not doing this for any attention, but I worked on Fire Island for 13 years. This is the first season I haven't even stepped on the island because I don't feel safe there because I don't trust people and this was the exact reason why. And these are the same people that are going to come back into the city, ride the train, take the ferry, go through Penn Station and then go have fucking margaritas in Hell's Kitchen. This Corey queen has claimed on video that he had coronavirus and then retracted it, and, "Well, I don't even know my results yet." Then you shouldn't have left your house and you also shouldn't have said that you had a doctor's note saying you could go to Fire Island. What's the truth here?

And what's the story with that Meat Rack party? I've never seen it so packed.

The Meat Rack has parties every full moon, which is usually twice a summer. I know a lot about this and I'm just kind of waiting for someone to make a statement about it before I do. There were multiple people involved in this, they asked someone else for assistance, this person had worked on the parties previously. They guided with assistance on what they think is smart and then someone non-related to the event, from what I know, made a flyer and circulated it and then the party started, someone was DJing. There are different stories but I have someone that admitted to being there, admitted to helping, admitted to DJing. And then I said, "The smart thing for you to do at this point is to make a statement because by the end of the week, this whole thing is going to crumble."

I mean, they showed footage [of the beach party] on the national news.

And everyone's tagging me, like, "Look what you did." I didn't do this. I put something on Facebook and everyone else went wild with it. I'm one person. I didn't do it for any intent to further myself in anything. I have no stake in this. I'm not even on the island. My house is paid for; I haven't even opened it. I don't feel safe there because I think that people are selfish. I let Memorial Day go and it wasn't horrible, there were one or two things. I said Fourth of July and Pines party weekend are going to be the most telling things. And then this happened. And then they canceled Pines party, but those queens already booked their houses, they're going. And if you think this isn't going to happen again, it's going to happen again, unless there are legal ramifications for the things that have happened and people are held accountable.

And you mentioned how there were more parties that haven't even been reported yet?

Every day someone is texting, "Did you hear about this? Can I give this person your number?" It's piecing all these pieces together. You get a picture of a front of a house with a line outside of it—why is there a line outside of your house? And you're charging people? Because that's illegal. ... I'm turning over all the information I have to people higher up than me that are dealing with this on a legal level. I posted something last night about someone because he is constantly in Cherry Grove with the older community, around people that I consider friends and family. I emailed him privately twice, I gave him the chance to deal with it, he lied to me of both times. People need to realize I'm not going to come for you unless I have a shot, and I'll take it and I will not miss. I will not say anything unless I have solid evidence.

When I saw the photos and the videos of all the parties, I was disappointed but not surprised. Did you feel the same way?

Yeah—and that's the sad part. I'm not surprised. And this is where it can become very Grove vs. Pines because the Grove is not doing it. There are no wild house parties. The Grove is an older community, and it is primarily lesbians. They're not going to do this. So I come from the Grove, so I would never expect that to happen there, but I 100% knew this was going to happen in the Pines. It just really sucks for the businesses that are already working against an uphill battle who are trying to do the right thing because these people single-handedly could get shit shut down.

What do you think the solution is?

I think that homeowners need to be held accountable. I think if they weren't there and they rented their house, the person that you rented to needs to be fined and they can't rent in the Pines again. There needs to be physical proof that you have been held accountable for something, not just the slap on the wrist. If you charge admittance to a party and then have liquor, that's illegal, you're in a global pandemic. I don't care what happens to these people to be quite honest. You should've thought about that before you went on Instagram with a coke booger in your nose and started babbling and screaming that you hope everyone gets corona because you know what? Everyone doesn't want corona, but everyone certainly wants you fired from your job.

Was there anyone who surprised you when you heard they threw a party?

There is one that hasn't come out that yet, that if that has any truth and bearings behind it, will truly shock me beyond belief. But that's the problem with this: Everyone now has a tip and everyone has an idea, but when reputable people are saying that things happened, even if it's just 50 people, that's 25 more people than you're supposed to be gathering with, and if you charged admission for those 50 people, then there are problems. So, the whole thing is kind of shocking. I don't think I could have labeled one name that would do this. I didn't know who fucking Jake Resnicow was before this. I don't care now, but lots of people were like, "This doesn't surprise us. He's not well known for his behavior in this community."

And you're still getting tips today?

Yeah. Every day. There are people that started their own Instagram—I think it's called the Fire Island Pines Covid Police. And they're posting addresses and tagging people and screenshots. People have had it. I know people that packed up and went out there in April and May to quarantine and be safe and be somewhere a little removed from the city, and now you're bringing this shit there.

Do you think those accounts like the Covid Police are taking it too far? Or do you support those?

I think everything that I've spoken on, I've had solid evidence. I've had upwards of 20 to 30 firsthand accounts, I've had screenshots on invites and screenshots of people being asked to work events. I wouldn't personally post anything without 100% knowing this happened and these are the logistics of it.

Is there any advice you would give to these party-goers?

Don't do it. If you're going to the Pines and you have a weekend share, the Pines homes are beautiful, they all have pools, enjoy your pool, go to the beach with your house, wear a fucking mask, and stay six feet apart from people that you're now with. It's just that simple. You can lose one summer of doing GHB and dancing to fucking circuit music for 24 hours. And stay the fuck out of the Meat Rack, having anonymous sex. Have you learned nothing from the past?

You said that you hadn't opened your house yet, do you see yourself going out there at all this summer?

We were supposed to go the weekend before July 4, but after seeing this, I'm like, "Maybe late August." I'm not rushing to get there. I'm not performing out there this summer. I would love to see my friends, but sorry, there's no major appeal that I have to run to Fire Island. I can see you next summer when hopefully this has all calmed down.

This is all personal for you because you said that you can't see your father, right?

My dad has stage four cancer. I can't get on a plane and go see him because of his doctor's orders. He can't come see me. So when I see these people doing this shit, that could eventually end up prolonging this, it sends me into another level because that's where it gets personal for me.

Do you have a deadline in mind for posting these other tips if you're able to verify them?

No. None of it is planned. If I feel comfortable enough that there's enough proof that I can be completely comfortable in knowing that what I'm saying is 100% accurate, then I'll post it. As I said, all of it, no matter what, big or little is going to someone higher than me that works in the Fire Island Pines and is dealing with this very, very seriously. So, I hope people that haven't seen their name or house number pop up yet, don't think that this is over with and they got away with something because there are dozens of parties that went on that are being investigated currently by me, by people higher up, by people in the Fire Island Pines Property Owners Association. Everything comes out at the end, so it's almost better to just speak up on it at this point before it gets ugly and embarrassing for you.

Has the response been supportive of what you're doing?

I would say 98% supportive. There's been a couple of like, "Oh, she's just doing this for likes." Yesterday I got called homophobic and racist. Homophobic because I said I hoped Corey ended up in jail for being on a beach with no mask screaming that he had corona and racist because someone made a meme of me as Elektra from Pose and I reposted it and was said that I would do digital blackface. So, when all of my friends that I know, who know me and say, "Girl, don't even worry about it." I'm really unbothered by it, I'm sleeping just fine at night. You want to know why? Because I've worn a mask and I'm six feet apart from every motherfucker that I've seen.

Do you have any final words for anyone following your reporting?

Yeah. Wear a mask, stay six feet apart, and arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.

Do you have any online shows coming up? Where can people find you?

I do my digital shows on my Facebook Live, Thursdays and some Saturdays, but that's all, that's it. You won't see me in a bar anytime soon.