Florida City Commissioner Admits She Lied About Supporting Equality To Win Election

Six weeks after receiving an endorsement from Equality Florida—and going on the win the  election—Sarasota City Commissioner Shelli Eddie says she misled the group about her views on LGBT rights.

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"Because of my faith, I should not have completed the survey responses the way I did, and I should not have accepted your endorsement," Eddie wrote in an email obtained by WWSB ABC 7.

"I want to make my personal beliefs clear so as to not mislead your organization on my positions and more importantly to publicly repent for giving survey responses which are in direct conflict with my religious beliefs."

Commissioner Eddie, who also accepted funds from a pro-choice organization, asked Equality Florida to remove her name from its literature.

She claims, however, that her personal beliefs "have not negated my commitment to fight for equal rights for all our citizens throughout our city and to make sure that woman have the right to choose."

If her personal views don't affect her public policy, then why is Eddie even bringing them up?

Democratic political consultant Gabriel Hament says Eddie should resign or face recall, "because she misled her constituents, who voted for her based on her positions on key issues."

h/t: Gaily Grind

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