Ariel From "The Little Mermaid" Gets a Queer Twist in New Fan Animation

"I have to please the gays."

One YouTuber is giving the gays everything they want with his queer reimagining of The Little Mermaid's Ariel.

Animator Mark Scarnander's "Part of Your World — Male Version" video, uploaded last week, sees the female protagonist of the Disney classic recast as a gay man. Set to a cover of "Part of Your World" by fellow YouTuber Mike Zubi, Scarnander's animation mimics Ariel's original musical moment from the 1989 film, complete with a cavern filled with treasures under the sea (and a cameo from Flounder).

Mark Scarnander/YouTube

Since it was posted, the 3-minute animation has racked up more than 634,000 views.

Credits aside, Scarnander offered this explanation for his gay spin on The Little Mermaid in the video's description: "I have to please the gays."


Consider us pleased!

This isn't the first queer-interest news to come out of the beloved Disney film. It's no secret that Ursula, The Little Mermaid's sea witch villainess, is queer-coded (and canonically modeled after legendary drag queen Divine).

Earlier this month, actress Auli’i Cravalho, who played Ariel in last year's live-action rendition of the Disney musical, came out as bisexual on TikTok, too. How's that for queering The Little Mermaid?

Watch the full animation below.

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