Rep. Brian Sims Shuts Down Homophobic Troll By Calling His Grandmother

Note to bigots—don't leave your grandmother's number where Rep. Sims can find it.

Our favorite out and proud Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims proved he's got no time for haters in a recent exchange on social media.

Facebook/Brian Sims

Earlier this week, a bigot posted "N*gger f*ggot" on the openly gay politician's Facebook. While some would've just ignored the ignorant message, Sims decided to publicly drag the racist homophobe by contacting his grandmother.

"David, I can't tell if you're just a really dumb little boy or an angry bigot but I know for sure that you shouldn't have posted your grandmother's telephone number on your Facebook page," the representative wrote.

"She and I just had a very disappointing chat about you. We'll talk soon..."

Sims shared the whole exchange on his Facebook page along with a warning: "Dear Bigots, posting your grandmother's telephone number all over the same page you use to post slurs on other people's pages is not going to end well for you."

Supporters have since come out in droves to express their gratitude for the representative's moxie.

"Oh my god Brian, how could I love you even more? This. This is how," wrote one fan.

"This was a "purse first" moment and BAM!! Consider your rights read," wrote another. "You brighten and you enlighten Brian Sims... time for David to learn to love himself or how in the h**l is he gonna EVER love somebody else!"

Thank you Rep. Sims for always shutting down the bigots and standing up for what you believe in!