Brian J. Smith on Coming Out and Why He's Quarantining in Berlin

The "Sense8" alum had a virtual kiki with Pixie Aventura on Logo Live.

If you're not watching Logo Live on Instagram, you're missing some incredible content—like Sense8 star Brian J. Smith's Logo debut.

On this week's "Mondays Are a Drag" IG Live, New York City-based queen Pixie Aventura invited Smith on the show for a chat. The out actor called in from Berlin, Germany, where he ended up quarantining after filming the new Matrix movie on location.

"We had maybe two weeks of fight rehearsals, and then shit hit the fan," Smith revealed. "They started sending people home; they technically fired everyone because it's... kind of as bad as it gets."

Smith was offered a plane ticket to return to his apartment in NYC. Instead, he decided to stay in Berlin for the time being.

Leon Bennett/WireImage

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 07: Actor Brian J. Smith attends Netflix's "Sense8" Series Finale Event at ArcLight Hollywood on June 7, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage)

Smith at the Sense8 finale event in 2018.

The actor also chatted with Pixie about his experience on the set of Sense8, Lana Wachowski's fan-favorite, super queer-inclusive Netflix sci-fi show, which ended with a two-hour movie finale in 2018. (About "half of the crew" and "all of the department heads" are also working on The Matrix 4.) "We became a really close family unit," Smith shared. "It was the most special experience I ever had."

Pixie then segued into Smith's coming-out moment. As NewNowNext reported last October, the actor came out as gay in a cover story for Attitude magazine in the U.K. But his sexual orientation wasn't news to friends like Pixie, who already knew and accepted him for who he is.

"It wasn't that I was hiding, and it wasn't that I was ashamed of being gay," Smith recalled. "It wasn't that I was worried that it would have an impact on my career. ... I was never that kind of actor that had that kind of career, that was wrapped around people being interested in my personal life. ... And I kind of had a 'come to Jesus' moment where [Attitude] called and were like, 'Do you want to do this cover piece?' I was like, 'Okay.' This was the perfect way to do it."

"I'm really glad I did," he added.

Watch a recording of Smith's full kiki with Pixie on Logo's IGTV—including bonus questions about his dream theater role and being closeted on the set of Sense8—below.

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