Lesbian Couple Attacked By Straight Couple With Kids In Restaurant Parking Lot

Santa Fe Police are still on the lookout for the assailants.

A lesbian couple was attacked by a straight couple outside of a sushi restaurant in Santa Fe.

Amelia Allen and Haley Pryor say they were waiting for the check after eating at Kai Sushi when a straight couple entered with their kids and gave the couple a dirty look. To get them to stop staring, Allen waved and said, "I see you staring. Please stop staring at us."

The straight man allegedly raised his middle finger to her, to which Pryor responded: “What was that for? What did we do to deserve that? What is your problem with us?” The man said he did nothing.

Haley Pryor/Facebook

As Allen and Pryor were leaving, they talked about possibly speaking to a manager, but ultimately decided to go home just as the other couple was also getting into their car in the parking lot. Both couples drove in the same direction—at a stop sign, the man and woman got out of their vehicle and walked over to the women's truck.

According to a Facebook post Pryor shared, she and her girlfriend then got out of the car and an argument started. The straight woman stood close to Allen and said, “You don’t know who you’re messing with. My husband leaves for Afghanistan tomorrow.” Pryor moved to stand with her girlfriend when, all of the sudden, she was struck in the face by the woman.

The blow knocked her to the ground and a fight ensued. Pryor was pushed up against the truck by the man, who punched her through her jacket. His wife bit Allen, who grabbed a tire iron from the truck and hit the man. By the end of the altercation, Pryor was unconscious.

Immediately after the incident, the couple called the police, as did a third, unidentified witness.

Though the straight pair didn't use any anti-LGBT slurs, Pryor and Allen suspect they were attacked because of their sexuality. “They definitely were aiming a lot of the anger at me because of how I look, I’m certain,” Pryor told KRQE News 13.

After sharing their story on Facebook, the two were immediately hit with comments from conservatives calling the attack "fake news" and accusing the couple of inflicting the injuries on themselves.

Kai Sushi doesn't have surveillance cameras outdoors, but the restaurant is sharing indoor footage with police in an attempt to identify the assailants.

Santa Fe Police are investigating the assault as an aggravated battery.

h/t: Towleroad

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