Kylie Minogue Wouldn't Let Gay Kisses Be Censored In "All The Lovers" Video

"Dance, it's all I wanna do, so won't you dance?"

Pint-sized pop goddess Kylie Minogue has always been and forever will be be a gay icon—and now there's just one more reason for her gay fans to worship her.

Her 2010 album masterpiece, Aphrodite, was Minogue's return to form after her divisive 2007 album, X. It spawned Minogue classics like "Get Outta My Way" and the first single, "All the Lovers."

Now years after the filming for the "All the Lovers" superstar music video director Joseph Khan has revealed how Minogue refused to cut kisses between same-sex couples out of the video.


Last week, after Gay Times published their list of the "11 Music Videos That Celebrate Same-Sex Love In The Very Best Way," Khan tweeted a behind-the-scenes tidbit about Minogue standing up for the gay kisses depicted:

For those of you unfamiliar with the classic clip, Minogue is on the top of a growing pyramid made up of men and women dressed in nothing but white underwear making out with each other in a pure ecstasy-driven fever dream. Oh, and there's a galloping white horse and a giant inflatable elephant too. Like we said: A. Classic.


In addition to "All the Lovers" Kahn has directed videos for everyone from Eminem to Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.

In 2010 Minogue told Reuters that the video was an "homage to her gay audience who helped propel her initial success."

She also spoke about it at the amfAR Gala that same year:

“People go nuts over it, so that’s amazing. He [Khan] came up with a brilliant, simple idea and executed it so sensitively, I thought. It’s still cutting edge, it still gets you a little hot under the collar, but I think there’s a real sensitivity. It’s what I’m about and what I love.”


Minogue recently also made a public announcement supporting the legalization of same-sex marriage in her home country of Australia. She is currently working on her 13th studio album, so hopefully a video from her next project will contain another "homage" to her gay fans.

h/t: Attitude

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