Gay Guy Gets Revenge on High School Bully by Topping His Dad

"What am I doing in your house? I f*cked your dad last night."

High school can be pretty traumatic, especially for young queer kids. Who among us hasn't dreamt of enacting revenge on the school bully who personally terrorized us?

That's exactly what happened at a recent edition of Characters Welcome, a monthly comedy showcase at New York City's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

In a one-man skit, David (played by queer Brooklyn-based comedian Nathan Pearson) comes out on stage wearing shorts and a Miami University shirt, casually eating a bowl of cereal.

David runs into his high school bully, Benjamin Reynolds, who is surprised to see his former classmate in his house. When Benjamin asks what David is doing there, David grins and replies, "What am I doing in your house? I fucked your dad last night."

The audience goes wild at the revelation and eats up David's description of his sexual escapades with Benjamin's father... and mother? Dreams really can come true after all!

Check out Pearson's performance in the video below.

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