Sam Smith Humped, Serenaded By Drag Queen Singing "This Boy Is A Bottom"

Vicky Vox has HAD IT. Officially!

If anyone needed a drink this week it was definitely Sam Smith.

The pop star is officially taking a break from Twitter after angering fans and activists with his lack of knowledge about the list of LGBT Oscar winners, and his unapologetic responses to those who tried to school him after he claimed he may be the first openly gay man to win an Oscar.

TMZ reports Smith headed to West Hollywood mainstay The Abbey after his embarrassing gaffe on stage Sunday night, where he sat front row for the Lip Service show and "fueled on vodka" while former DWV star Vicky Vox serenaded him with the group's 2013 hit, "Boy Is A Bottom."

Sam has since apologized for the mixup, which stemmed from his misinterpretation of an Ian McKellen quote about no openly LGBT actors ever winning an Oscar in a "Best Actor" category. For his part, McKellen was one of many who jumped to the 23-year-old's defense after he admitted he was wrong:

But if Sam is still jonesing to be a "first" anything, we think we can safely assume he's the first Oscar winner to have his head humped by a drag queen the same night as picking up an award for Best Original Song, no?

Check out the amazing moment below:

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