YouTuber Rustin Charles Launches New "No Strings Attached" Travel Series

First stop: Bogota.

Porn star-turned-YouTuber Rustin Charles (formerly Levi Michaels) is taking his love of adventure and hitting the road, traveling far and wide to Peru, Spain, Italy, Vietnam and more in his new web series, "No Strings Attached."

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The series, which will document Charles' time abroad with his best friend Joe and his cameraman Anthony, was funded via an IndieGoGo campaign launched back in April which amassed over $16K dollars.

"It was the most insane, challenging, fun, fulfilling project I've ever worked on," Charles tells us.

Asked what he learned during his adventures: "When I travel I can't view everything as foreign or strange, because when I'm there, I'm the only thing that's foreign. Every single place you visit will teach you something if you allow it to."

Watch the premiere episode of "No Strings Attached" below.

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