12 Things We’ve Been Doing While Waiting For Adele’s New Album

Hello... it's me waiting.

This Friday (November 20), when Adele releases her much-anticipated album 25, it will have been 4 years, 10 months and 2 days since she graced the mortal world with the iconic 21.

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And we get it. She’s been busy, raising her adorable son Angelo, living her life, but these 1,767 days have been looooong and so lacking in anything new from the British chanteuse that we’ve had to get pretty creative about how to get our Adele fix.

So, as we enter the final stretch before the big drop, check out our list of things we’ve been doing while waiting, with bated breath, for Adele’s new album.

Revisiting The Moment We Fell In Love

Six years ago (...what), the music video for “Chasing Pavements” hit airwaves and we were hooked. Though many people didn’t know what chasing pavements meant (more on that below), there was no denying that this big-eyed, sultry songstress was destined to be something major.

Getting To Know A Young Adele

An early glimpse at a young Adele, fresh off the success of her hits “Chasing Pavements” and “Hometown Glory.” Here, she’s quirky and cheeky, all while maintaining a down-to-earth grace that would, in later years, come to define her public persona.

Daydreaming About Seeing Her Perform Live

A charming performance of "Daydreamer," an understated beauty of a song from her album 19. The vocals are smoky and effortless, but what’s especially fun about this performance is how lighthearted she is as she banters with the audience and laughs at the mistakes she makes as she plays.

Thinking About How We Could Have Had It All

When this video was released in 2010, jaws dropped round the world. Adele is done up in full glamour and the video itself acts as the perfect visual representation of the striking and percussive energy of the hit from 21.

Watching Her Perform At A Tiny Desk

Adele at her best: stripped-down, subtle, raw. It’s all about her voice, which is why it’s the perfect video to revisit when you get a particularly strong hankering for those mystical pipes of hers.

Listening To Her Slay Other People's Music

A gem for when you need a break from Adele’s discography, this playful cover of the Cheryl Cole hit “Promise This” is sinfully smooth and compliments Adele’s soulful timbre marvelously.

Marveling At Her Grace

I mean, come on. With nothing more than a piano and a fierce black dress, Adele powers through her heartbreaking ballad “Someone Like You,” and leaves the crowd at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards slayed and gagged in the process.

Setting Fire To All The Rain

An emboldening song about love denied, “Set Fire to the Rain,” really comes alive when sung in front of an audience, and there is no better performance than this one from her concert at The Royal Albert Hall. She delivers the song with an elegant rage that’ll send goosebumps up your spine.

Reflecting On Her Many Accomplishments

The only new song we had between 21 and the forthcoming 25, "Skyfall" became a lifeline for die-hard Adele fans, and this live performance of the Bond theme at the 2013 Oscars is simply sublime.

Laughing At Her Sharp Wit And Charm

While there are plenty of great and hilarious interviews with Adele out there, this one with Chelsea Handler is a particular knee-slapper. The two have a playful back and forth and the interview makes it pretty clear that Adele would make one hell of a ride-or-die.

Feeling The Feels

Adele takes the poetry of Bob Dylan to another level in her cover of the folk singer’s “Make You Feel My Love.” All recordings of her version are national treasures, but this one in particular pulls right at our heartstrings.

Imitating Her Infectious Cackle

And when in doubt, honestly there is nothing sweeter or funnier than watching Adele totally lose herself in a giggle fit.

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