Which Marvel Character Is Hiding in the Closet?

Could Korg be the one to improve Marvel's rocky track record with queer representation?

Unless you’re the one person left alive who hasn’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet, you’ll know already that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes faced overwhelming odds in the fight against Thanos. It takes a huge amount of courage to stand up for what’s right and fight the good fight, but one Marvel character in particular will have to be even braver than normal when they soon come out as queer.

While discussing Endgame’s extremely brief example of gay representation, the Russo Brothers accidentally revealed to EW there’s another pre-existing character who’s currently in the closet. Although Marvel suggested before that this could be a possibility, confirmation that a LGBTQ character already exists in the MCU is great news for those disappointed by the Ant-Man sized steps they’ve taken towards inclusivity thus far.

Without the help of Doctor Strange’s all-seeing Eye of Agamotto, it won’t be easy to figure out which Marvel character is currently hiding in the closet—some secret identities are more secret than others—but that’s where we come in.

Join us here at NewNowNext as we suit up and try to figure out who could literally fly the rainbow flag for our community on the big screen.


Valkyrie ruled over our hearts from the moment she first appeared in Thor: Ragnarok, but now she’s been officially crowned as Queen of New Asgard, the bisexual icon is easily the most likely candidate to come out in future Marvel films. LGBTQ star Tessa Thompson has already confirmed that she plays the role as bisexual, staying true to her character in the comics, but that hasn’t always been clear on screen.

Back in 2017, Marvel even cut a scene that made Valkyrie’s sexuality explicit, so now would be the perfect time to rectify this mistake and reveal her to be the bisexual force of nature that fans have always known and loved. I mean, she rides a unicorn for Thor’s sake!

Captain Marvel

Vice described Brie Larson’s look in Captain Marvel as “major lesbian energy” and it’s easy to see why. After all, that quiff alone has done more for LGBTQ representation than every Marvel movie combined and Carol’s relationship with Maria Rambeau is even gayer than, well, Carol.

As if that wasn’t enough, Larson and co-star Tessa Thompson have also endorsed a potential relationship between their characters by celebrating queer fan art depicting them both on social media. If Marvel make the plunge and make their new captain gay, then this could take LGBTQ representation to higher, further and indeed faster places than it’s ever been before.


With a friendship that’s lasted longer than most marriages, Bucky and Captain America became the focal point of queer shippers worldwide when the hashtag #GiveCapABoyfriend first started to trend online a few years back. While that sentiment might have changed for some following the end of Avengers: Endgame, Bucky still has a future in the MCU thanks to his upcoming show with Falcon and it’s entirely possible that things could get real gay real fast.

Neither a bear nor an otter, the White Wolf is apparently bisexual in the comics, but the writers haven’t actually shown this explicitly as of yet. Perhaps Marvel Studios will take the lead for once and confirm what the comics have been afraid to do up until now.

Okoye & Ayo

If you’re queer and read comics, then it’s likely you’re already a fan of Aneka & Ayo, two members of Wakanda’s royal guard who recently entered a relationship in Roxane Gay’s gorgeous book. At one point, the Black Panther screenwriters considered developing a queer relationship between Ayo and Okoye based on this, but Marvel soon shut that down.

Although the head of Wakanda’s Dora Milaje was married to a man in Black Panther, that doesn’t mean future Marvel movies can’t expand on Okoye’s sexuality as time goes on. After all, we all know being married to a member of the opposite sex doesn’t make you any less queer.


For a character who’s spent much of his time trapped in various prisons, is it much of a stretch to imagine that Thor’s brother is trapped in the closet, too? With his love of misdirection and no previous relationships to speak of, Marvel should have no trouble revealing that Loki probably enjoyed Hulk’s pounding more than he let on.

Sure, the God of Mischief and Sass technically died last year in Avengers: Infinity War, but with his very own TV show coming up, now’s the best time to channel the pansexual, genderfluid anti-hero we love from the comics. Perhaps we’ll even get to see a woman play him one day in the future, too.


Although he’s had less screen time than other potential queers hiding in Marvel’s closet, Korg made a huge impact on audiences in Thor: Ragnarok. Given that the rocky gladiator is openly gay in the comics, it’s entirely possible that Korg could be the one to improve the studio’s rocky track record with LGBTQ representation. In fact, director Taika Waititi has already hinted as much.

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