Girl Banned From Prom Gets Great News

Sometimes a beautiful flower can grow out of the manure.

Earlier this week, we reported on a Pennsylvania student who was told to leave her school dance when she showed up wearing a suit instead of a dress. Now, a school in a bordering district has reached out to invite Aniya Wolf and her date to its prom.

Brandon Carter, the principal at William Penn High School in York, said social-studies teacher Maggie Mafnas brought the idea of inviting Wolf, a student at Bishop McDevitt High School, to their prom after hearing about her traumatic experience.

Wolf's suit allegedly went against the Catholic school's strict prom dress code, even though she wears pants every day.

Carter said inviting Wolf, who is an out lesbian, to prom—in whatever clothing she wanted, and with whomever she wanted as her date—it spoke to the school's mission to "embrace all."

"We've had many students that have worn whatever they felt comfortable in" to prom, said Mafnas. "t was just never an issue."

Mafnas says Wolf accepted the invitation immediately, adding that her own students are "really excited" about the opportunity.

William Penn's prom is May 21.

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