"Schitt's Creek" Cuties Dan Levy and Noah Reid Are Rom-Com Icons for "EW"

Here's looking at these kids!

America's favorite couple, Schitt's Creek's David Rose (Daniel Levy) and Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid), may soon be going to that great syndicated gig in the sky, but at least they're going out in style.

Levy and Reid have posed for three digital covers for Entertainment Weekly, each paying homage to a classic Hollywood romantic comedy: Casablanca, Sixteen Candles, and Notting Hill.

David and Patrick will get married in the two-part series finale on April 7, capping off six seasons of a little-known but much-beloved sitcom that became a critical and cultural darling.

"The big challenge was how can you reconcile what the fans expect—which is for us all to live happily ever after in a motel for the rest of time—with what the characters really want,” Levy told EW. “For me, a series finale should just be a really fun, great episode of your show."

The final episode of Schitt's Creek will air April 7 on Pop TV and be simulcasted in the U.S. on Comedy Central and Logo.

Go behind the scenes of the cover shoot below.