Antonia Thomas Talks 'Misfits,' New Projects: Exclusive

[caption id="attachment_64653" align="aligncenter" width="607" caption="The lovely Antonia. Photo Credit: Getty Images"][/caption]Antonia Thomas shot to fame with her role on the British television show Misfits, now getting its first American run on Logo every Thursday night at 10/9 c, and we took some time to chat with the gorgeous 25-year-old about working on the hit show and her new projects. The first part of out interview will run today, free of any Misfits spoilers for all you new fans, and you can check back here tomorrow for part two.

Can you talk about landing the role of Alisha in Misfits? What the audition process was like and finally finding out you received the role.

I auditioned for Misfits while I was in my final year of drama school.  I had just signed with my agent and they had started to put me up for auditions.  When the Misfits audition came through I was rehearsing my final year play and was having to commute from Bristol to London to audition, and then get back in time for rehearsals (some of which I missed).  I had around 7 auditions -- it was an extremely thorough process and I was sure that I hadn’t got the job.  It was so great when I found out that I had got it, I couldn’t believe it! I was very excited and very scared, as my drama school training had mainly been theatre based, and so the thought of doing a high profile TV job was very daunting.  But I learned quickly and it was the best screen training I could have asked for, and the best first job!

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 Did you and the cast spend time together before you began filming to build up a sense of comradery?

Once we had all been cast our director, Tom Green, sent us off on a team building army assault course so that we could bond.  It was absolutely hilarious! He wanted us to do it in character, but that quickly went out the window.  For starters, I think my character, Alisha, would have refused to do it and I really wanted to join in!  It was a great way to break the ice quickly!

What was the set like? Your favorite episode or scene to shoot?

The set was great – the designer did a brilliant job.  My favourite part of the set was Super Hoodies Lair – it was epic!

It is difficult to choose a favourite episode because they were all great fun.  I’d say Episodes 3 and 4 in series two were my favourite episodes in terms of Alisha’s journey.  SPOLIER ALRERT! Her journey of falling in love with super hoodie/future Simon, whilst being with Curtis and then Superhoodie saving her life and dying leaving her to deal with it all on her own was a brilliantly dramatic and heartfelt storyline for Alisha to explore.

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Do you still keep in touch with the cast?

Yes we are all very close.  I have certainly made some best friends out of misfits.

Can you talk about some of your new projects, especially Spike Island and your new show Homefront?

I have just finished filming an ITV drama called Homefront about military wives and families.  It focuses on the wives and families left at home (whilst their husbands are away fighting in Afghanistan), and how they cope, on a day to day basis with their loved ones being away, out of immediate contact and in continuous danger.

It was so interesting to explore this world which is so removed from my normal life.  How these women seem to be in a constant limbo, on tenterhooks waiting for news, hopefully not bad. Also, how when their partners arrive back there is an awkward readjustment stage when the wives have to get used to them being back, and often the husbands find it difficult being back in a domestic setting having spent six months in a war zone.

The main story focuses on four different wives who are married to husbands of different ranks and positions in the army and how they deal with it on a day to day basis.

I play and extremely young wife called Tasha who has a small 2 and half year old son to look after while her husband Matt is away fighting.

I shot Spike Island just before Homefront.  It is based on the band The Stone Roses in the 90s in Manchester.  It is about a group of boys, who are in their own band, who are desperately trying to get tickets to The Stone Roses famous gig on Spike Island.  I play Lisa, one of their girl friends. I am best friend to the main character’s love interest, Lisa (played by the lovely Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones).

I had such a brilliant time on this film, it is only a small part but was so brilliant to be involved in such a fantastic film.

And I am currently now in the midst of dance training for a new film I am about to start filming called Northern Soul, also starring Steve Coogan.  It is about the northern soul dance movement in the north of England in the 70s.  Northerners basically started a craze for American soul music -- the more obscure, lesser known tracks.  They shipped it over and created their own style of dance to it, a mixture of break dancing and acrobatics and complicated foot work.  It is extremely cool.

I play Angela, the love interest of the main character.  She is a nurse and hugely into the Soul scene and she is meant to be a great dancer so I have a lot of work to do!

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