UK Boy Band Celebrate New Record Deal By Putting Their Balls On The Table

That's one way to commemorate the moment.

If you read this headline and thought "balls on the table" might be a euphemism for something else, let us assure you — this is a story about a boy band placing their testicles on a restaurant table in celebration of their new record deal.

The boys of Busted, the pop-rock band from the UK, told Digital Spy that they were so proud of writing and recording their new album, Night Driver, without the help of a record company that when they eventually found the right label who believed in the project, they had to seal the deal in a special way.

"It's not a 360 deal - it's about our album," said band member James Bourne. "And Charlie made everyone put their balls on the table in the restaurant."

But not only did the boys have to whip their jewels out in the middle of the restaurant, albeit just the private dining room downstairs, but they made their lawyers do it as well!

"If you eat there, Charlie's balls have been on the table," member Matt Willis told Digital Spy. "The head of our fucking record label, his balls were out on the table. Our lawyer, his balls were out."

"We should not be saying this," added Charlie Simpson. "A few of the lawyers were like, 'I'm not doing that' and I was like, 'You fucking are!'"

And there you have it. An entire room full of grown men placed their testicles on a restaurant table during a business meeting.

In case the story has left you thirsty for more from Busted, check out their latest single, "On What You're On," below.

h/t: Digital Spy

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