Questlove, Dua Lipa, and More Speak Out Against DaBaby's Homophobia

"Right is right, & his actions are wrong."

Some of the music industry's biggest names are using their platforms to condemn DaBaby's homophobic and inaccurate comments about gay men and HIV/AIDS.

As NewNowNext previously reported, the "Rockstar" rapper came under fire earlier this week after sex-shaming gay men and claiming that HIV "will make you die in two to three weeks," which is simply untrue. DaBaby made the comments onstage at Miami's Rolling Loud music festival on Sunday (July 25), but he has remained embroiled in controversy after doubling down on what he said via Instagram Stories. (He did issue a Twitter apology to those affected by HIV/AIDS, but many are saying it is too little, too late.)

Lo and behold, the 29-year-old's homophobia is already costing him. On Wednesday (July 28), Questlove posted a revised lineup for a hypothetical version of his Summer of Soul concert with DaBaby's name crossed out.

"I’m not [trying to] be all performative smurf & create a social flogging or start some click bait headlines," wrote the music industry veteran. "That’s missing the point. But right is right & his actions are wrong. Somebody gotta say it: Homophobia / Transphobia / Xenophobia / Misogyny / Racism — this should go w/o saying is morally wrong."

Legendary musician and longtime HIV/AIDS activist Elton John also posted a lengthy Twitter thread denouncing DaBaby's comments, noting that perpetuating misinformation about HIV "fuels stigma and discrimination." According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 1.2 million Americans — including plenty of people who aren't LGBTQ+ — are living with HIV.

Even Dua Lipa, who'd recently collaborated with DaBaby on a remix of her hit song "Levitating," said she was "surprised and horrified" by his remarks.

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