The Jonas Brothers & Hanson Want to Join You for Some Hot Barefoot Action Today

Joe, Kevin and Nick urge you to take it all off today... below the ankles, anyway.

The Jonas Brothers are the new Hanson right? (Er, remember Hanson? "MmmBop!") So it's wackily serendipitous that both trios of songmaking brothers are supporting today's initiative to raise awareness about global poverty and how important shoes are. Yup, they've both made nice PSAs for the TOMS Shoes-sponsored One Day Without Shoes, which is today.

As MTV's Buzzworthy blog reports: "On April 8th, the Jonas Brothers, along with Hanson, will participate in One Day Without Shoes. TOMS is asking people to go shoeless for just a small part of their day to help "raise awareness of the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child's life. You can learn more about the effort at OneDayWithoutShoes.Com."

Watch both teams of brothers in cute PSA videos after the jump. And click to hear a new Hanson song, "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'." And don't Zac, Taylor and Isaac (above) look kind of nice and normal these days? Nice to see, right?

Here's Jo-Bros PSA. Take 'em off, Joe!!!

And here are the Hanson lads, urging you to join them shoeless in Tulsa. Or wherever you are.

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