Ruby Rose Named GQ Australia's Woman Of The Year For 2015

The genderfluid actress capped off her breakout year with an award from her native land.

Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose was just named GQ Australia's Woman of the Year.

Besides captivating Netflix viewers, Rose has been educating the public on what it means to be gender fluid.

"There's one award for a woman, and it goes to the biggest dude," she joked as she picked up the award.

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She's also been a staunch advocate for same-sex marriage in Australia, which still lags behind Canada, the UK, and the United States.

"Everywhere else I go in the world, same-sex couples can get married," said Rose in her speech. "Literally every state in America now, which is kind of crazy when you think about cities like Melbourne and Sydney that are very free and open, and yet you can't get married."

"There are places in America where people potentially are not happy with that decision, but have to go by it," she added. "That's how I feel it should just be… New Zealand is so close to here, and you can get married there. That's one of the things I'm so confused by!"

Though it's unknown if her character will return for Orange Is The New Black's fourth season, Rose has signed on for high profile roles in the final Resident Evil film and the sequel to the Keanu Reeves thriller John Wick.

Clearly her star is still on the rise.

Watch Ruby Rose's emotional acceptance speech in full, below.

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