Miami Beach Man Threatens Gay-Friendly Church With Attack "Bigger Than Orlando"

Joseph Jorczak declared the church was "filled with a bunch of sick homosexuals."

A Miami man has been arrested after threatening to commit an anti-LGBT mass shooting that would be "bigger than Orlando."


Joseph Jorczak, 34, was taken in Wednesday after threatening staff and parishioners at Miami Beach Community Church, a gay-friendly house of worship with a strong commitment to social justice and diversity.

Pastor Harold Thompson (below) had ordered a restraining order against Jorczak after he posted several threatening messages in the past two weeks.

"Orlando will look small to what is coming to Miami Beach, specifically the Miami Beach Community Church," claimed Jorczak, who added that the church was filled with "sick homosexuals" and "nasty people.

Jorczak had located someone willing to sell him an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle that can shoot 25 rounds in 2.5 seconds. Authorities say he also posted a video demonstrating how to quickly make napalm. "I choose my battles, but I have no choice in this one," he said.

Jorczak has been charged with stalking and violating a restraining order.

MBCC was founded in 1921, making it the oldest existing church in Miami Beach. After the Orlando massacre, MBCC commissioned a mural in memory of those who died—and invited community members to turn in their guns.

h/t: Gay Star News

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