Exclusive: Ariana and the Rose's New "True Love" Video Spotlights Same-Sex Couples

… And insane amounts of champagne.

Summer is here, and Ariana and the Rose just wants to talk about "True Love."

For the latest video from her sparkling synth-pop project, singer Ariana DiLorenzo asked six real-life couples to demonstrate what love means to them. Equal parts heartwarming and hilarious, the result totally makes us want to jump our feet and dance to the edge of eternity.


"I wrote the song as a celebration of optimism and the enduring power of love," DiLorenzo tells NewNowNext. "Even when you’ve been through the worst of it, to come out the other side and believe in love is such a powerful thing, and I wanted to show that."

The casting and filming process was a DIY, family-style endeavor. Some of the couples included are DiLorenzo's personal friends, like partners Kyle and Eddie, who've been together for 11 years. The video also features her high school acting teacher—whom the artist credits for her drive to become a performer in the first place—and his husband. To secure more couples, she and the video's director, Scarlet Moreno, even staked out a street corner in West Hollywood.

"True Love" is the latest release from Ariana and the Rose, whose forthcoming EP, Constellations, drops July 26 (the second part of the EP is due out next year).

DiLorenzo just performed at Sacramento Pride in California and plans to swing by New York City for WorldPride 2019. "I am a proud and fierce ally for the LGBTQ community," she says, "and getting to lend my songs and voice as a soundtrack to the celebrations is an honor."

Watch the full video for "True Love" below.

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