Gay Bar Guide: 5 Best NYC Bars To Find A Husband

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You would think in a city of over 8 million people, finding your everything would be a piece of cake. Think again! For those of you who have been on one too many awkward Grindr dates, sick of meeting your girlfriends gay co-worker, who would be "perfect" for you, and can't survive another "Quivermatch" from OKCupid, we've found the perfect 5 bars in NYC to find a husband!

The hot younger brother of the West Village's Pieces, Hardware is a fresh new-ish bar in Hells Kitchen. Named appropriately, this bar, complete with dance floor and the oh so important stage, is located in an old hardware store. The drinks are cheap, the boys cute, and this spot is located just far enough off the HK gay bar trail to avoid visitors who will only break your heart when they say those awful three words "Im Just Visiting." Hardware Bar; 697 10th Ave NY NY 10036.

Technically a lesbian bar, the Cubby Hole is a hidden gem in husband hunting 101. The small but eclectic and lively bar is a great place to meet that special guy...who happens to enjoy the company of lesbians. Where the Ellens and Wandas of the lesbian world go to drink and dance, they often bring their guy counterparts. A judgement free zone, with $2 Margaritas on Tuesday night, you are guaranteed to have a good time. The Cubby Hole; 281 West 12th Street NY NY 10014.

One of the last gay bars standing in Chelsea, Barracuda is the best stop south of HK and north of the village. A nice balance of hot guys cruising and gentleman drinking, this bar serves up heavy pours and drag shows throughout the week. Barracuda; 275 West 22nd Street NY NY 10011.

Dirty, divey, and cheap, the Boiler Room is a popular watering hole in the East Village. $3.50 well drinks bring in one of the most mixed crowds in the city, providing something for everybody. With a pool table and a juke box, you  can play your way into the hearts of many eligible bachelors. The Boiler Room; 86 East 4th Street NY NY 10003.

If you're up for a trip over the pond, or if you live there already,  Sugarland is where gay Brooklyn calls home. This two story smokey bar, is well worth the occasional $5 cover. The perfect place to find a cute hipster and dance ya' pants off! Sugarland Nightclub; 221 North 9th Street Brooklyn NY 11211.

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