Discover The Untold Story Behind Marriage Equality In New Doc "The Freedom To Marry"

The film is hitting theaters in 35 cities nationwide.

It was a long road to the Supreme Court victory in June 2015 that would legalize same-sex marriage across the U.S.

Now a new documentary, The Freedom to Marry, follows the two attorneys, Evan Wolfson and Mary Bonauto, who battled for years to make marriage equality a reality.

In a new clip from the film directed by Eddie Rosenstein, Bonauto is shown stressing as she prepares for her remarks in front of the Supreme Court.

"I wish I had tons of time to prepare for this," Bonauto says in the clip. "I appreciate people saying to me, 'Mary, you've been doing this for 20 years, you've got this.' That's true, but I don't think this is in the bag. I think we're gonna have to fight to win."

Freedom to Marry

"I can only imagine that when Evan and Mary Bonauto, and so many others - began their journey to achieve the right to marry the person of their choice, the road ahead must have looked nearly endless and treacherous," Rosenstein said in a statement.

"I’m extremely grateful that Evan, Mary and their movement allowed me to join them for the last leg of their journey," added the filmmaker. "To share their ups and downs, their tears and joys with others as well."

"The Freedom to Marry is a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain during some of the most pivotal junctures in the fight for marriage equality," said Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida.

After playing the festival circuit last year, Freedom to Marry is finally hitting theaters in 35 cities nationwide. For more info head on over to the film's website.

h/t: The Hollywood Reporter

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