The "EastSiders" Season 3 Trailer Asks: "Are We Obsessed With Sex?"

"We just had sex with a drifter—an actual drifter!"

Following partners Cal (Williamson) and Thom (Van Hansis) as they explore non-monogamy, EastSiders earned two Daytime Emmy nominations last year and garnered more than $80,0000 in a crowdfunding campaign to bring Season 3 to life.

Season 2 ended with Cal and Thom struggling to make things work in New York but, now, the duo is on a cross-country road trip home to L.A., where they hope to find some piece of mind. Scenes for the new season, produced in conjunction with Wolf Video, were filmed in more than 14 states.

EastSiders/Wolfe Video

"It’s a difficult time to be LGBT in America right now, and I wanted to stick a rainbow flag in the tradition of the great American road trip," Williamson says. "We were able to take the characters out of their comfort zone in a way that few television shows have been able to."

EastSiders/Wolfe Video

In addition to Williamson and Hansis, EastSiders Season 3 will also feature Constance Wu (Fresh Off the Boat), Wilson Cruz (Star Trek: Discovery), Stephen Guarino (BearCity), Willam Belli, Max Emerson, and Traci Lords.

EastSiders Season 3 premieres November 28 on digital platforms and DVD.

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