"LGBTQ+ Disney Headcanons" Might Be Your New Favorite Tumblr

"Snow White is a panromantic, demisexual trans girl. All seven dwarves are nonbinary."

Fantasizing about the sex lives of fictional characters is basically what the Internet was invented for.

Well, a group of young Tumblr users have taken Disney headcanon and run with it.

LGBTQ+ Disney Headcanons re-imagines Disney characters—everyone from Mulan and Tigger to Peggy Carter and Mary Poppins—with a wide range of sexual orientations, gender identities and romantic inclinations. It's Disney fan-fiction heaven.

Take a look at some of our favorite entries below.

This one is pretty dark—but it also sounds like a movie we'd watch.

Basically, Jessica Rabbit is still tired of your judgemental shit.

The dream come true of every young gay boy who watched The Santa Clause.

So, he could still date Sally as long as no one got handsy.

Thor's brother doesn't care what you or the Avengers think.

Tigger doesn't associate with any gender. How do you think Winnie the Pooh identifies, though?

She's not interested sexually in anyone, but could be romantically interested in Hercules or one of the Muses.

—Ian Carlos Crawford