Wentworth Miller And Russell Tovey Share Superhero Kiss On "The Flash"

That's really super.

Queer comics fans have been looking forward to the big Arrowverse crossover this week on the CW, and it didn't disappoint: Not only did we get introduced to a new gay hero, the Ray (out actor Russell Tovey), we got to see him share a smooch with Wentworth Miller, who plays Captain Cold.


In the four-part "Crisis on Earth-X," which aired on The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the super friends gather for Barry Allen's wedding to Iris West. But, predictably, things don't go smoothly and they get swept up into a battle on Earth X, where the Nazis won WWII.

Tovey's character, whose real name is Ray Terrell, is a hero on that dystopian world with the ability to manipulate light. He's openly gay and, in one scene, we even see him wearing a concentration camp uniform with a pink triangle.


In last night's episode of The Flash, Terrell shared a cute kiss with his partner, Citizen Cold, an alternate-universe version of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold who is both gay and a hero. The impact of a kiss between two gay heroes—played by two gay actors—was not missed by Twitter.

In another scene, Legend Of Tomorrow's Sara Lance got frisky with Supergirl's sister Alex Danvers

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