This Brilliant New Tumblr Replaces Celebrity Man Buns With Cinnamon Buns

Proving the existence of some divine being looking out for us all, comes "Cinnaman Bun," a hilarious new Tumblr that replaces man buns with something a bit more tasteful: cinnamon buns.

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Created by pals Stephen Stenholt and Matt Fuller, the Tumblr is the perfect combination of too much free time and mediocre Photoshop skills resulting in something so absurd it just kind of works on every level–and makes us kind of horngry.

Everyone from Jared Leto to Fat Jew to Chicago Bulls' center Joakim Noah get the sweet/sticky treatment with a delicious cinnamon bun being plopped in place of their bun.

Bradley Cooper's might take the cake–errr, cinnamon bun–as most adorable.

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