Anti-Trans Target Protestor Kept Girl Chained In His Basement

Esten Cibao railed against Target's support of "queerism and confusion," while making a 13-year-old use a bucket as a toilet.

A Toledo man who blasted Target for allowing patrons and employees to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity has been arrested for allegedly keeping a teenage girl shackled in his basement.

Police booked Esten Ciboro, 27, after discovering he and his father, Timothy, kept his 13-year-old stepsister in chains, feeding her spoiled scraps and forcing her to use a bucket instead of a toilet. (Her crime, apparently, was wetting the bed.)

Vince Talotta/Toronto Star

On May 4, Esten posted on Facebook, “For those unaware: Target will be allowing men in the girls’ restrooms of its stores and will also allow women in the boys’ restrooms of its stores- all to support queerism and confusion."

Two weeks later, the girl escaped the Ciboros by using a spare key to unlock her leg irons.

"I miss my babies with all my heart," Timothy, a former firefighter, told WTVG. "I want them to do right. That’s the way they were raised. If they have any questions, all they have to do is open the Bible and they will have all the answers.”

Three other children were found at the house at the time of the arrest. The girl's mother reportedly left the family some time ago and moved to Las Vegas.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation

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