Men’s Shaving Ad Goes Against the Grain With Trans Inclusion

"You can shave to feel like you."

Bigots, don't get yourselves worked up into a lather.

Harry’s, a subscription-based shaving company, recently released a new commercial that smoothly features a transgender man.

In the new spot, "Shave, or Don't," voiceover narration lists some reasons why modern men can shave, now that it's become "a choice."

When the ad cuts to the shirtless trans man, looking into a bathroom mirror while applying Harry's Post-Shave Balm to his freshly shaved face, the narrator says, "You can shave to feel like you." His gender-confirming top surgery scars are visible.

"We're not here to question when, why, or how you shave," reads the YouTube copy. "In fact, we're not even here to suggest you shave at all. But if you do shave, we're here for you. And we're in Walmart and Target, too."

The Harry's ad follows the divisive Gillette commercial, which criticized toxic masculinity.

Last year Harry's partnered with men's skincare site Very Good Light to give two young trans men a fresh shave.

Check out the new Harry's ad below.

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