Grindr Deletes "T" Emoji After Concern It Was Promoting Crystal Meth

The emoji was removed without any comment from Grindr.

Grindr has removed the T emoji from its new range of keyboard graphics after users voiced concerns that it stood for crystal meth.


The hookup app's gaymoji collection boasts hundreds of cartoon drawings, including a plethora of pert eggplants, cheeky peaches and symbols to indicate a preference for the top or bottom bunk.

In spite of all the positive reactions to the emojis, controversy arose around the inclusion of a simple letter "T." Some thought it was making reference to the gossip term "tea" while others said it stood for Top.

However, the consensus quickly reached was that the letter stood for Tina, a slang name for crystal meth.

A few days later, the T was removed from the collection without comment from Grindr.

Despite the confusion over the T graphic, the app has drawn praise for featuring a PrEP pill among the emojis. The blue pill has "701" printed on its side in a clear nod to Truvada, the daily drug used for pre-exposure prophylaxis.

h/t: GSN