Why JD Samson Stans For Christina Aguilera

"I consider her to be a true feminist."

JD Samson is a musician, producer, songwriter and DJ, but there's another title you can add to the list — huge Christina Aguilera fan.

"She works her f*cking ass off," Samson recently told Loverboy Magazine. "I consider her to be a true feminist."

And Samson would know. She worked with the pop star on her under-appreciated 2010 album, Bionic.

The music producer saw how much work Aguilera put into the album, and was discouraged to see it not work out.

"It was a long album, which is hard sometimes," Samson says. "I also think it was a really cool concept to make tracks with all the people she liked and admired, but it wasn’t that cohesive as a record. There were so many different sounds, aesthetics and stories."

But Samson has another theory as to why Bionic wasn't very well-received, and it involves a different pop diva.

"Well, I think it was weird because Lady Gaga’s album came out around the same time," she said. "People were really into her and dissing Christina."

Either way, the former Le Tigre member has lots of admiration for Christina, and we can only hope that means another collaboration in the near future.

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h/t: Loverboy

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