Bianca Del Rio's Holiday GIF Guide

Gift guides are great, but you know what's way more economic: A GIF guide, especially one brought to you exclusively by RPDR's Season 6 queen herself, Bianca Del Rio.

Since one can never have too many Drag Race GIFs, especially those of the Del Rio variety, we're serving up a fresh-out-the-oven batch of high-res, low-brow GIFs.

Below, 10 essential Bianca GIFs to ring in the holiday season.

When you haven't quite HAD IT, but are getting there fast.

When mom asks about your ex.

When your sister's boyfriend tells you that you look good in your sweater.

When Grandpa starts talking about Trump.

When dad says you two should sit down and talk about your finances while you're home.

When a family member tells you they've never seen RuPaul's Drag Race.

When you're full but say "f*ck it" and just keep eating anyway.

When your brother swipes too many times on your phone and accidentally sees a pic they shouldn't have.

When you bump into your cousin under the mistletoe.

When you have OFFICIALLY had it.

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