We're Gagged Over This Vintage RuPaul Super Bowl Ad

"Girl, you could be home sipping latte in lingerie—and STILL make this meeting!"

Years before RuPaul's Drag Race premiered on Logo, Mama Ru was already slaying on the small screen—and on Super Bowl Sunday, no less.

This week on Instagram, the multimedia mogul and leading lady of Netflix's new series AJ and the Queen shared a #TBT to her 20-year-old Super Bowl advertisement. Its grainy, lo-res look notwithstanding, the early-aughties gem oozes with classic Ru goodness. In it, the icon drops into a snoozy corporate meeting and entices a bunch of suited businessmen to try WebEx, a video conferencing software.

A lil' trivia: The advert in question was made for the Super Bowl XXXIV in January 2000, when the St. Louis Rams trampled the Tennessee Titans to become the champions of the 1999 NFL football season. The 30-second spot reportedly cost WebEx between $2 and 3 million.


It also predated Drag Race Season 1 by almost a decade, meaning Mama Ru wasn't quite the household name she is today.

One thing's for sure, though: This queen did not fuck it up. She also paved the way for Drag Race alumni Miz Cracker and Kim Chi, who are slated to continue making Super Bowl herstory in an ad for Sabra Hummus that will run during this year's Super Bowl LIV.

Take a gander at Ru's Super Bowl (RuPer Bowl?) ad below—and if that's not enough to tide you over until Drag Race Season 12, check out the "Meet the Queen" videos featuring the newest lineup of squirrel friends to hit the workroom.

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