Homophobes Outraged By Another Steamy Gay Kiss On "Empire"

"You go for what you want. So do I."

Homophobic Empire fans took to Twitter this week to whine about a passionate gay kiss between Jamal Lyon and a new character, D-Major.

The scene occurred after an antagonistic face off between the two characters quickly evolved into a sexy tryst, with Jamal and D getting handsy in the recording studio.

After the scene aired, haters jumped on Twitter to voice frustration over the smooch kiss.

Thankfully, a lot of people came out in support of the scene, calling out the haters and celebrating Empire's commitment to diverse storytelling:

While no one from the show has officially commented on the scene or the audience's reaction to it, showrunner Ilene Chaiken did discuss LGBT representation on the show in an interview with Variety last month.

"Jamal is obviously a wildly attractive guy who is going to be attractive to a lot of people, but is also probably lonely," she said.

"It’s hard as a star to really find love and find someone who can move in the same circles as you and it’s inevitable and it’s bound to happen that those unexpected attractions are going to flare up."

Chaiken said the kiss was the "beginning of an interesting story that we hope will have legs."