Popular YouTuber Wears Dress, Follows Women Into Bathroom For "Transgender Experiment"

Some people aren't intellectually equipped to understand that a trans woman is not a man in a dress.

Joey Salads, a popular YouTube personality who makes millions exploiting strangers in public by subjecting them to his humiliating and sometimes offensive "social experiments," weighs in on North Carolina's new anti-LGBT 'bathroom bill' in a disgusting new video uploaded this week.

In it, Salads attempts to discover whether women "are comfortable using the restroom with a transgender person" by dressing up in a wig and dress and aggressively following them into the bathroom like a madman demanding their approval.

Naturally, most of the women are immediately terrified because Salads seems more like he's tailing them than he is trying to use the restroom.

Each time, he directly follows a woman into the ladies room before the door even closes behind them, and simply stands there in order to provoke a reaction.

All the women featured in the video but one take issue with Salads being in the restroom, and order him to leave. "What are you doing? You can't be in here!" one yells as Salads claims he's transgender and "can stay with [his] regular voice."

"What? That doesn't even make sense!" the woman screams back.

As Salads exits the restroom, he's seen grabbing at his crotch and trying to emphasize the fact that he has a penis.

As expected, he concludes after his "experiment" that "most women are not comfortable sharing a bathroom with a trans person" and that "there needs to be a better solution."

A disclaimer Salads put up on the video reads: "This was a Non-Bias Experiment, I am simply telling 2 sides of a debate, and then doing an experiment based on that, No reason for me to get any hate on this."

He also claims a "transgender friend" helped him pull together the outfit and idea — a complete lie, we know, based on the fact that literally no transgender person anywhere would approve any part of this mess.

But what Salads fails to realize about his deeply flawed "experiment" is that it's completely irrelevant because he is not a trans woman. A trans woman is a woman, not a man in a dress. The women featured in his video were not reacting to a trans woman, they were reacting to a man in a dress who followed them into the bathroom acting suspiciously.

The only thing Salads' "experiment" does is reaffirm the tired and debunked myth that transgender people are just sexual predators wielding their gender identity as a tool to gain access to a restroom where they can sexually assault children.

That, according to critics of the new 'bathroom bill' in North Carolina, simply isn't a problem that's happening. There is no epidemic of sexual predators trying to use gender identity to get to children.

Also, we've had laws protecting ALL people from sexual assault for centuries.