The Rock Bares His Butt, 69s With SNL's Pete Davidson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson brought out the big guns, as well some heavy artillery, for Saturday Night Live's Bambi sketch, but more importantly he brought out the big buns and got to at least third base with adorable cast member Pete Davidson.

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The Rock plays the Indiana Jones-esque Dr. Bones who keeps getting hit with poisonous darts in all the sexiest places, leaving his trusty boy Friday, Shore-Long (Davidson) to suck out the poison while the frisky Miss Reese (Kate McKinnon) watches on in agonizing delight.

Once they both get struck in the baby-makers, Miss Reese thinks it's finally her chance to get some Bones for herself, but turns out the Doc and Shore-Long have a much better idea.

Guess Davidson didn't need a million dollars to go down on The Rock after all. But then again, that's really God's work he's doing, so Pete probably did it for free — we certainly would.

Check out The Rock and Pete Davidson going at it, Gayders of the Lost Ark style: