Missouri Church Elder Tries to Pay for Sex on Grindr With an Arby's Gift Card

The man, who went by the screen name "DILF," was allegedly soliciting male college students, tempting them with gas and fast food.

Arby's—a.k.a. if bad decisions came in sandwich form—is used to being the butt of the joke. But could the infamous fast food chain also be an aphrodisiac?

In Kirksville, Mo., a Truman State University professor and Kirksville Church of Christ elder has been slapped with a misdemeanor prostitution charge for allegedly soliciting sexual favors from male college students, tempting them with offers of gifts in the 10s of dollars, including Arby's gift cards.

The university's police department received a tip that Barry Cole Poyner, 57, was “harassing male Truman students for sexual contact as well as offering to pay for items for sexual favors by using the app Grindr.”

The police department then created an undercover Grindr profile to lure Poyner, who went by the screen name "DILF." According to the Kirksville Daily Express:

"DILF" told the undercover officer that he “would love to have a sugar daddy relationship” and that in previous relationships he provided gift cards, clothing, and money to his partners.

"DILF" reached out to the undercover officer on Dec. 3 and asked for sexual favors in exchange for providing fuel for the officer’s vehicle and also that he “might throw in an Arby’s card LOL.”

“DILF” eventually agreed to meet the undercover officer at a local gas station to provide the fuel before the sexual favors. “DILF” provided his location, which matched Poyner’s address, and Poyner then arrived at the gas station. He attempted to flee the scene when officers approached his vehicle, but pulled over several blocks later.

First and foremost, kudos to the Kirksville Daily Express for shoehorning "DILF" into this story as often and as unnecessarily as possible. Second, what was the process of making this fake Grindr profile? This sounds like Cruising but slightly less homophobic. Slightly.

After Poyner pulled over, he told the cops he “was not doing anything with a minor,” only for the cops to point out that the professor had offered payment for sexual favors. Poyner argued that he "was not going to do that" and that he was "going to give him some gas." When the cops told him he shouldn't offer money or gifts for sex, Poyner said he was just “trying to help.”

While the idea of an Arby's gift card ever helping anyone is up for debate, Truman State has suspended Poyner, and he's no longer allowed on campus. The Church of Christ, known for making homophobic comments in the past, probably isn't very happy with him either.

Much like an Arby's signature sandwich, this whole incident is bound to leave a bad taste in a lot of mouths.

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