"Legend of the Seeker" goes gay. Sort of.

I'm a fantasy geek. I'm also gay. But for the most part, I've accepted that those two sides of my personality can rarely ever meet. After all, there can't possibly gay characters in any story that involves swords and wizards and magic, right?

Imagine my surprise this weekend when I'm watching the latest episode of Legend of the Seeker (the latest show from Xena masterminds Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert). The show's main characters are Richard (played by the adorable Craig Horner) and Kahlan, the woman he loves but can't ever have sex with (don't ask). In "Mirror," this week's episode, a pair of low-life thieves use magic to disguise themselves as our two heroes. At one point, the two thieves are caught and tossed into a dungeon.

The female thief decides to try to seduce the guard so they can escape. But he doesn't respond to her entreaties. When she starts to wonder why, she catches him staring at Richard's derriere.

"Looks like this one is yours!" she says to her thief companion, who is game enough to try to lure the guard inside the cell.

Later, they run into the guard again, and once again Kahlan offers up Richard, "So you can finish what you started!"

These weren't huge moments, but I appreciate that they acknowledge that gay people exist, even in a swords-and-sorcery setting. Better still, the writer and the producers didn't use any of the tired gay stereotypes, either for cheap laughs, or as a lazy way to identify the soldier as gay.

In short, it is possible to do "gay" humor without immediately resorting to caftans and showtunes. Who knew?

Enjoy the clip!

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