Ruby Rose Welcomes Ladies, Gentleman "And Everyone In-Between" At EMAs

It can be difficult for those who fall outside of the gender binary to see themselves reflected in the media, but thank to stars like Ruby Rose – who herself says she doesn’t identify with one gender – gender fluidity is finally becoming a conversation point. And it's about time.

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During last night's 22nd annual MTV Europe Music Awards, co-host Ruby Rose (who emceed alongside Ed Sheeran) opened the night by welcoming “Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in-between.”

It might seem insignificant, an easy to gloss over moment in a night that included performances by Justin Bieber and Pharrell, but it's these moments, on stages as far-reaching as these, that lead to deeper understanding and acceptance.

Bravo, Ruby Rose.

Other highlight of the night: Ruby deciding to get a pizza tattoo live on stage.

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