Aaron Schock Furthers Anti-Gay Agenda by… Kissing Dudes at Coachella?


Well, well, well...

Gay Twitter™ was set ablaze yesterday when anti-gay former congressman Aaron Schock crept back into the headlines because photos of him living it up with a gaggle of shirtless guys at Coachella were posted online.

Of course social media had a field day with this info, calling out Schock's record of voting against gay rights, including marriage equality and the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. And now, thanks to Queerty, another picture of a shirtless guy who looks a lot like Ms. Schock, has surfaced. This new image allegedly shows Schock making out with another guy and sticking his hand down the man's shorts.

Schock has never confirmed or denied his sexuality, but some, like former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), felt that if Schock is gay, he should be exposed because of his history of voting against equal rights for LGBTQ people.

“When you are in public office and you vote opposite to the way you live your life, no I don’t think you have privacy,” Frank told ABC News. “Anyone who is gay and votes in an anti-gay fashion has, it seems to me, lost their right to privacy, because it’s been converted to a right to hypocrisy.”

Twitter had some thoughts on the new kissing pics of Schock:

In 2016, a federal grand jury indicted Schock on more than 24 charges, including fraud, filing false income tax returns, and using campaign funds for cars, decorating, and other luxuries.

But earlier this year, all charges against him were dropped in exchange for having to pay back the money to the IRS.

“The ex-congressman got off by a mixture of prosecutorial sloppiness, ambiguously worded corruption statutes, and an unwillingness by the U.S. attorney in Chicago to defend the actions of Schock’s initial prosecutors on appeal,” reported The Daily Beast’s Scott Bixby. “Schock’s attorneys hounded prosecutors and federal investigators for alleged misconduct throughout the case’s four-year history, from asking misleading questions during grand jury testimony to what they called ’distasteful and offensive’ inquiries into the ex-congressman’s sex life.”

He is now reportedly living in Beverly Hills—and hard at work converting an office building near LAX into a luxury hotel.

“He literally goes to Barry’s in Venice and WeHo every day,” said a person friendly with Schock. “I think he’s just living his life.”

As if that wasn't enough Schock news for you, CBS News is reporting that the former congressman might try to return to public office.

"I have been trying to survive the last four years. When you go toe-to-toe with the federal government, they have an unlimited budget and most Americans don't," Schock said. "It's come at significant cost to me financially and professionally and now that this is behind me, I'm looking forward to pursuing opportunities in the private sector. I'll always have a heart to serve, that doesn't' mean I have to run for office. There are other ways to serve your community."

"At 37 years old, I don't think I'll ever say never," he added.

Good luck with that, girl.